Qubula Puzzle Game

A game using ReactJS and MobX  

Qubula is a puzzle game where puzzles are generated from a gene and a random seed. An Elixir program generates the puzzles, and outputs level files in JSON. The frontend of the game is built in ReactJS, with the frontend state management written using Mobx-state-tree. Watch the video, as we TDD development of the game. more»

Ruby Module Introspection

Coding a gem for inspecting module structure in Ruby  

The AST Guidelines ruby gem gem analyses Ruby module heirarchies to ensure you do not violate bounded context design. A bounded context is a concept of domain driven design which dictates the design of complex software systems. more»

Ruby Service Objects

Live coding a utility gem for creating service objects  

The Ruby on Rails framework often gets a lot of hate over the years. Rails makes it easy to get up and running quickly. Unfortunately, its beginner-friendly approach leaves you high and dry months later when you have thousands of lines of code. Rails applications of this type are often referred to as Rails monoliths. One of the best ways to refactor and save an aging Rails monolith, is to extract service objects. more»

API Buddy

Live coding playlist: building a Ruby API testing and documentation tool  

API Buddy is a DSL for defining stubbed RESTful API endpoints, and generating documentation and tests based on the schema. more»